For two people in love and in a relationship, a major test would be how they fare when they are miles apart from each other. You might have had a coffee and held hands yesterday, but all of a sudden the day of parting is upon you, and from here on begins the challenge. Both of you might be in different time zones, living different lifestyles, breathing the different air and do not get to touch each other. This is going to stay the same way for long stretches of time and test your relationship on different occasions.

A lot of couples in their tender age wish to make it big in life as independent individuals but also understand that letting their loved one go is not the right thing. They wish to start a new life together but not at the experience of the career they have worked hard for or wish to get into. All those times they spend together in school, college, first job and memories made during those times, come rushing like the floodgates have been opened. The dynamics of commitment to their craft needs to be balanced with the affection they have for their paramour. Our generation is comprised of such people who think in modern terms and are ambitious. A few years of distance may not seem like the worst thing when they choose to live separately as their bond is much stronger than the distance which would be separating them.

There are many problems and challenges that come at the very next moment and although couples in such situations go ahead and try to make themselves feel good by thinking that being distant for some time will definitely make their bond stronger. This may very well be true but depends on whether both the partners are equally into the waters and wish to work hard to preserve this relationship. Another saying which gets quoted in such situations, “Out of sight, out of mind”, is a very real thing to say but couples try to work against it.

For couples who wish to make it, a fair sense of understanding and belief in the relationship as well as their significant other is a necessity and there is no alternative to that. There is a fair chance that feelings get misrepresented and emotions not clearly conveyed over means of communication that you use when in a long distance relationship. The struggle is real and both partners should always have a leeway for that sort of thing and a basic understanding between both always helps. There are times when it is easy to just give up and not make that phone call, type that e-mail but the couples which take the effort to do so are the ones who survive. Another important part is to keep the people around aware that you are in a relationship with this other person miles away. Many problems are avoided this way.