A failed relationship is tough to recover from and the pain is incomparable to any other wound. But you need to recover from all wounds and here are 9 tips to do so.

Let it go

Understand that what is done, is done. There is no use fretting over the past and contemplating what went wrong and what you could have done differently. It is a difficult thing to let go but it runs like poison in your veins till you finally do it.

Get into some outdoor activities

Seclusion is what the best of us crave in times like this. We do need some time along but that is only to a certain threshold. We should be aware of that cut-off time and not stay indoors beyond a certain time. Go out and bask in the sun, meet your friends and have fun.

What if” is the worst thing to think

Looking back if not necessarily the worst thing but it shouldn’t be done to imagine what could have changed if you took a different decision. What has passed, has passed and there is no use dwelling on it.

New memories cover up the older ones

Think of this time as being on a cleanse and taking all the harmful substances out of your body. To get rid of all those old memories, you have to go out there, let your down and make millions of more fresh memories which overshadow previous ones.


Once you’re single, everything should be taken as a new opportunity for you. Try to focus on the things which you want to achieve and don’t have second thoughts about spending your money or time to do so.

Don’t stay in touch with your ex

Staying in contact with your ex might be a tempting idea but that doesn’t make it a good one. Avoid doing so because this way you can never forget them and learn to put your needs before anything else.

Changes in way of life

We all have ideas of how we want to live but there are things which come along the way and cut off our speed. Use this time after a heartbreak to get back on the track, put your foot down and make the changes you want to see in you.

See the positive side of yourself

This could be time for introspection and make really good use of it. Take a notepad and pen and list down all your good qualities. You might just go ahead and write down 100 of those and do not stop till you reach that number!

Fall in love again

For many of us, relationships haven’t worked out and it happens. This should not be the reason for you to retire from loving anyone ever again. Forever is a long time and the heart doesn’t have to shut its doors forever.